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Hand and Nail Cream

I’m not a big hand cream lover, the only reason being is that I am hot pretty much all of the time and hand cream makes my hands feel all clammy and sticky, however, a few years ago I discovered the Neutrogena hand and nail cream.

As a brand I love Neutrogena products, I have always been happy with any products I have purchased from them. This cream was no exception and although sometimes my hands end up feeling greasy, this feeling is minimal and it sinks in very well, leaving your hands feeling really soft and nourished. Perhaps the most amazing thing about this cream is the effect it has on my nails. From working my nails have taken a massive hit and often peel and look really dry and brittle, after just one application the appearance of my nails is almost perfect! I was skeptical of their ‘twice stronger nails’ statement on the packaging but I have to say I am so shocked that this statement is actually true! I really would recommend this product, possibly over nail treatments as, yes they work when you put them on but as soon as the nail varnish starts chipping your back to the start! Not the same story with this cream so its definitely worth the purchase!

The packaging itself is very well done, you get so much product in a travel size tube! £4.35 is the price for 75ml, although they are sometimes on offer I really would recommend this and any of their creams for that matter. Price wise it is smack down in the middle between the high street brands so good value for money!

Happy nails! xxx


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