Face and Eyes

Real Techniques Brushes

Ok, I cant even pick one of these brushes to talk about! They are all really just pure awesomeness! Well…the ones i’ve tried anyway!

When I first bought my bare minerals foundation it came in a kit with three face brushes, I have loved these brushes for years and have found them to be amazing at application, however, I watched Zoella on YouTube and became obsessed with getting the Real Techniques Expert Face Brush. When I finally got round to getting one I do admit I was dubious about the raving reviews that the brush range had received. Was I disappointed? NO! In actual fact the brushes are so soft and apply product so well that I cannot use my foundation brush from bare minerals anymore as it is real hair as opposed to the synthetic hair of the Real Techniques range and now irritates my skin bringing me out in small red dots for a while. I have to admit since I had to go out and buy a new foundation brush, again a Real Techniques one, in comparison this one doesn’t put my foundation on the skin as well as the bare minerals one does but it buffs it in well so makes up for that!

I have also purchased one of their eye brushes, amazing both for applying and blending eye shadow and liner whilst being gentle. All the brushes are easy to keep clean and don’t require cleaning as often as my bare minerals set does (although this is just me being lazy!).

Price wise, they aren’t the cheapest brushes you can buy but definitely wont break the bank! I would recommend shopping round for prices, although that is mostly the same throughout stockists, they can, however, be included in deals such as 3 for 2 or buy one get one half price so these are worth looking out for! I would also recommend thinking about whether you want complete sets if you are starting out as you can buy complete face and eye brush sets for under £30, which is pretty good considering the prices of the higher end brushes and the quality of the Real Techniques range. If you are looking for specific brushes I wouldn’t recommend looking at the kits as you cannot mix and match unless you get the ‘favourites’ set, although of course these may not contain the brushes you are looking for.

The brushes are really worth the investment so if you need some, happy brushing!



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