Root Lifting Spray!

Dove Oxygen Moisture to be exact!

I have very long and fine hair, but there is so much of it and one of my ‘pet hates’ if you like is that my hair just never has that natural oommpphhh! Unfortunately I am also that person who doesn’t suit flat hair…..

I have tried A LOT of products, fat hair and the elvive fibrology being just some of them and NOTHING has worked so I purchased this with skepticism to say the least! I am SO happy with the results! Not only does it lift my roots, it also KEEPS my roots lifted…..this has never happened before!

I have used this product for about a month now, every time I wash my hair I have applied it, both on its own and with other products, with a blow dry and without a blow dry. The best combination I have found is if I use my Tresemme Volume Mousse first then I use a heat protecting product and sometimes a hair conditioner then I apply this, all you do is remove the cap (obviously!) and spray the product directly onto your scalp (Wherever you feel you need it!) personally I section off my hair and focus on the top and tilt my head back so it runs over my scalp. Once finished gently ruffle your hair and massage into your scalp roughly. I have found the best results after blow drying my hair upside down whilst running my fingers through my hair and shaking it. It does work if you don’t blow dry your hair but it has less of an oomph!

The spray is £6.00 from ASDA and £6.99 from Boots so there isn’t too much of a difference!

I would really recommend this, i’ve never been so happy with a hair product before!



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