Face and Eyes

Seventeen brow kit!



As you can see from the pictures, yes, I am procrastinating revision!
Such fun!

Anyway…..as I sit here with my cup of tea, thinking about what to write I thought aha! Eyebrows! I used to be more of a pencil kinda gal and personally I don’t mind a strong brow but but they MUST look natural, my personal opinion I know everyone is different especially when it comes to brows! Casually browsing Boots one day I came across this little kit which was on an introductory offer for £4.99, why the hell not?!

I was slightly nervous as I’d never used the powder before and didn’t know how it would look etc. I was pleasantly surprised and now use it everyday! As you can see from the picture there is a brow wax (dark brown), powder and a highlighter and just in case you can’t be bothered a pencil!
I have to say although I don’t use the wax unless I want real staying power it does set your eyebrows nicely, think of it as a primer! 🙂 the powder without the wax stays put so well anyway for me so I can get away with just using that, along with the brush, which is actually really good, I feel I get such a nice natural definition, same goes for the pencil, although since I’ve started using the powder I definitely prefer it! The highlighter does add a lovely shimmer which is nice and subtle although I can’t stay it stays put all day, although it does a pretty decent job!

Overall I was surprised by how much I love this kit, I thought it was going to be a cheapy but I can honestly say I will definitely renew this after I’ve finished it and would definitely recommend this as a starter kit since it has the best of both.

Happy hunting!



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