Face and Eyes

Chameleon Glow

I have never been one for Topshop makeup before but the other day I went in and saw this amazing iridescent purpley, bluey, pinky shimmer (yes those are colors!), I debated for a long time whether to spend the £9 and eventually got it.

Boy am I glad I did! The color is gorgeous and really catches the light, its subtle enough for everyday use as an eye shadow but you can build it up for parties and could wear it as a highlighter if your feeling brave! I am pleasantly surprised by the quality, I wore it on top of a creme eye shadow which I used as a base and it stayed put all day! I have never found a powder eye shadow that does this (even if it is not specifically an eye shadow….) and upon application there was minimal fall out which was easy to wipe away or cover with a concealer.

I swatched the colors in the shop and found Wax and Wayne (not sure this is a good name but hey…) to be the one that stood out the most and the one I subsequently bought! The other two colors are lovely though but I personally thought the colors were not as noticeable.

For any of you interested I have inserted the link below for you to go and look at!




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