Blistex Relief Cream


For the past couple of weeks I have had some sort of cold which has given me really dry, swollen and irritated lips, I went out and stocked up on flu fighting stuff and found this beauty!
I have so many lip balms I wasn’t sure if this would be any different but I can tell you now it’s awesome stuff! It brought the swelling down and got rid of the irritation, it also kept my lips well moisturised.

The consistency of the cream is lovely! It’s not thick so it doesn’t make your lips all sticky and sinks in really well! From the smell and tingly feel of it I would say it is contains some menthol or a similar ingredient which is very soothing when applied.

The only bad point I have found about this product is like any new tubes cream, it doesn’t stop seeping out until you have used it for a while! This wouldn’t bother me at all except the cap has a cross like hole in the top so eventually the cream goes all disgusting! I would recommend continuous rinsing of the cap to combat this!

Highly recommend this if your suffering with the cold weather or cold sores as it is medicated to help those as well but because of this I would check the ingredients out just in case you are allergic to anything!
If you are looking to purchase this you can find it in drug/beautystores and some supermarkets.

Happy hunting!


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